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Ruby Version Manager

October 23, 2009

I’ve been meaning to start using ruby1.9 but always stuck at maintaining codes in production that depends on Ruby1.8.6. Fortunately, there’s this thing called Ruby Version Manager where you easily change between different rails version. I have nothing but praise for the guys who made life easier for us programmers to do our job better & faster with RVM.

The only thing is you have to install your gems for each ruby version. It does make sense because there are quite a few gems that depends on different built. Installing gems are not that hard imho. So no issue there.

Now I can change between different ruby version as easy as this:

$ rvm 1.9.1 # For ruby 1.9.1

$ rvm 1.8.7

What’s excellent about this is the ruby version is sandbox in just that one terminal you’re using. It doesn’t interferes with your already *original ruby installation. * rvm calls is your ruby system. To revert back to your original ruby installation just do

$ rvm system

Or if you want to set a default ruby throughout your system. You can simply do so like this:

$ rvm 1.9.1 –default

If you haven’t tried it before, go try it. Don’t worry, it won’t mess up anything on your current ruby system

Ruby Version Manager –

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